The Fifth Day

Alexandra Connor has seen it all. Years of events –  conference planning, and all the same people. Going through the motions: that’s what she does. Until one day. One normal day. The first day actually of a five day conference. She’s just trying to get to the elevator. He’s just trying to get to the elevator.  And BOOM.  That’s all it takes and her mundane world stands on end.
Ryan Keller has spent the last decade building his business. Relationships? Who has the time? A self proclaimed nerd, he’s hardly a player. Then with one smile from her he’s considering dusting off his figurative playbook. But something tells him even if he had the moves, she wouldn’t buy anything short of authentic.
She has five days. Five days to break all of her rules. Five days to wonder if he’s too good to be true. Five days to see the truth.  He has five days. Five days to make her see she can’t live without him – regardless of the truth.


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